Hebei TianXiang

Filter Technology Co., Ltd.

The main products: PP non-woven fabrics, hot-pressing environmental protection cloth, air-conditioning cloth, air-conditioning, white blankets, all kinds of filter materials, etc., at the same time with Guangdong multi...

Hebei TianXiang

Auto Parts Co., Ltd

Main products: car interior ceiling, cover insulation insulation cotton, trunk lined system, light weight card car door guard, skylight cover, coat rack, leaf liner, etc.

Company profile

Hebei Tianxiang Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 covering 61,000 square meters.It is located in Weixian county of Xingtai,a economic development zone of Hebei province,China.With convenient transportation and rich labor resources, our company annual output value reached the top in this region. After 10 more years, now we has three subsidiaries Hebei Tianxiang non-woven for Filter Co., Ltd., Hebei Tianxiang Filter Co., Ltd.,and Hebei Tianxiang Auto Parts Co., Ltd., The subsidiaries have strong research and development capabilities, high-quality staff and scientific management sys...

More than 10 years of professional products deep processing tolerance / quality assurance

Strong research and development capabilities of high-quality personnel and scientific management system

Time is everything, convenient transportation, developed logistics, to ensure timely delivery of products

365 days 24 hours aftermarket system, to provide you with the most intimate service

Production base

Production Base

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No.6 of North 1st Ring Road,Economic Development Zone,Weixian County,Xingtai District,Hebei province,China.

Top office:4006611626

Auto parts office:13703112939

Filter office:15532928787